a loan origination software

LoanProcessor360™ - is a software complex designed for deposit accounting, loan and credit accounting, accounting of goods selling by credit or by instalment. It enables to automate a loan-issue business workflow processes in microloan and mortgage organizations, trade companies and societies, educational institutions, shops, etc.


Clear, intelligible and friendly software interface. Filling out a new client profile. Light theme.

Clients list. Each client has colourful rating mark and history rating. There are two types of clients: physical and juridical. Light theme.

Easy create a new loan using predefined loan product templates. Filling out a new loan product. Light theme.

There is flexible schedule calculation system - for short-term microloan, car loan, mortgage, student loan, etc. It is showed long-term mortgage with annuity payments. Light theme.

Loan products list. Based on current list you may add a new request or loan. Light theme.

Settings. You may setup any parameters, including multicurrency, multilanguage support, time zone, etc. for each user and department. Dark theme.

Clients list. Dark theme.

Requests list. Each request has colourful status mark and status history. Security rules are applied for each status. Dark theme.

Creating a new loan based on predefined loan product template is easy and safely. Dark theme.

Creating a new loan. Scrolling to bottom. Dark theme.

Loan, request number agreement sequence generator. Dark theme.

Creating a new security group. Use security groups to simplify applying the sets of security rules for users and departments. Dark theme.

Creating a new security group. Left table defines rules for group. Right table is for selecting from all rule's list. Dark theme.

Creating a new user. User has separated rules for each department. Dark theme.

Single PC or multiuser client-server architecture.

Supporting popular databases.

No need to install or pay other software utilities, components*.

* - for some versions