Pricing politics:

Variant 1: Installation software package

Installation software package with no limit use in time. Package will be sent to your email. You may install it on your own server, your hosting or our hosting (optional).

Version typeCost
Version up to 10 users 790 USD
Every additional user 18 USD
Version with no limit users 2,390 USD

Variant 2: Rent software

Software is running on our hosting. Installation, updating are free. Hosting cost depends on server configuration and is presented in Hosting service chapter.

Version typeCost
Version up to 10 users 79 USD/mo
Every additional user 4 USD/mo
Version with no limit users 249 USD/mo

Hosting service:

Hosting is working 24/7.

Optimal server configuration (by users number)Cost
4GB RAM, 2 cores, 60Gb SSD, 4Tb traffic - up to 20 users25 USD/mo
8GB RAM, 4 cores, 80Gb SSD, 5Tb traffic - from 10 to 20 users (highload)40 USD/mo
16GB RAM, 8 cores, 160Gb SSD, 6Tb traffic - from 20 to 100 users70 USD./mo
32GB RAM, 12 cores, 320Gb SSD, 7Tb traffic - from 50 to 100 users (highload)165 USD/mo
64GB RAM, 20 cores, 640Gb SSD, 8Tb traffic - over 100 users (highload)260 USD/mo

Additional services

We provide additional services.

Remote server installation90 USD
Staff training by Skype and Teamviewer50 USD/hour